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Who we are
Activate is a series of Social Emotional Learning sessions. These interactive, workshop infused lectures focus on teaching and developing non-cognitive skills also known as soft skills or emotional intelligence. These experiences equip students with techniques that are essential for significant productivity. 


Our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum
The Social Emotional Learning curriculum is a game changer that produces short and long-term benefits. Among the short-term benefits is an 11 percent increase in academic performance for students expose to SEL. Long-term benefits include improved attitude and behavior, reduced emotional stress and decreased criminal activity. Evidence proves that exposure to these competencies are essential for developing the whole child. Additionally, key industry leaders indicate that emotional intelligence is a preferred strength for employees in the 4th Industrial Revolution workforce. Read more about SEL >>


Why It Matters
For some young people, your school and classrooms are the only places that resemble a suitable space for growth and development. A conducive learning environment is imperative for educators and students to achieve their intended outcomes. This type of environment requires corporative students as well as a positive climate and culture. Unfortunately, the responsibility of character-building often falls to educators. 


What We Offer
Activate LLC offers a solution. As a result of the techniques taught at SEL workshops and conferences, youth become well-rounded students, future employees, employers, leader and citizens. They acquire self-confidence; learn good decision-making techniques and copying skills for life. Moreover, they learn to value the educational process, themselves and others. 


A great number of students have had a family member or friend fall victim to violence or have been a victim of violence themselves. African American youth ages 15 to 24 are five times more likely to be a victim of homicide than their counterparts.

Studies suggest:

75% 7-year-olds have heard gunshots

60% have seen drug deals

18% have seen a dead body


Emotional Intelligence Academy

A study involving 100,000 students indicated that SEL programming can have a positive impact up to 18 years later on academics, conduct problems, emotional distress, and drug use.

Activate Emotional Intelligence Academy

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