Dear Young Gifted & Black People... You Are Amazing!

At this very moment, I attempt to make my plea to you through the blurred vision of tears. Not only do my eyes weep but my heart cries out to and for you. You are so much BETTER than you seem to believe. You come from good stock. There are no people on the face of the earth who could survive the atrocities of your ancestors and still come out with the strength and dignity they exhibited. You should understand one thing…You are Amazing.

The lack of self-respect and self-worth some of you exhibit is heart breaking. I just want to scream...

On any given day I am left feeling sad, confused and embarrassed by images on the nightly news. Stories of a complete disregard for life and decency flood the mainstream media. However, you and I know that you are so much more than what is portrayed on social media and the nightly news.

You are shooting and being shot, killing and being killed, violating or being violated in unimaginable ways. The reasons or lack of reasons are getting harder to understand.

The images we are exposed to seduce and deceive us into thinking that we are worth NOTHING. But that is a LIE. It is not just mainstream media promoting these misconceptions. Some of us have the nerve to use your own PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES, to spread negative images and reinforce stereotypes.

These images do not tell the complete story. But unfortunately, we are plagued with the burden of representation. How many times have you sat in front of our flat screens and say, “Lord please don’t let them be Black?” nYet we turn around and share derogatory images on FB, Twitter, Insta-gram, Tumbler, World Star or whatever is the current hotspot.

Image is everything and it is time for you to see yourself for exactly who and what you are. You come from good stock. What you have to offer the world is as rare and precious as any jewel ever discovered. You have superpowers. To put is plain…You Are Amazing.

Sometimes we are frustrated and act out because we can feel how great we are but are just not sure where or how to get started. Below is a link to help you to begin to discover your superpowers. It is called the Myers Briggs personality test. It only takes a few minutes to complete. Go ahead get started. The only requirement is that you be honest with yourself.

Please share your discovery in the comment section. We would love to hear about your result.


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